We at Affinion are dedicated to building strong lasting relationships with our customers and aim to fulfill their needs and expectations at all times. We recognise as a business that sometimes things can go wrong and when this happens we encourage customers to tell us in order for us to resolve their complaint. We use information from complaints as a key tool in improving the quality of service we deliver to our customers and through undertaking root cause analysis work on complaints, aim to prevent their reoccurrence where possible. Our customers can be confident that we will deal with their complaints in a fair and transparent way, and that their insights enable us to adapt and develop products and services that align with their wants and needs.

Affinion is committed to transparency and to treating all consumers fairly in line with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and we are happy to publish details of our complaints volumes. We understand that where a customer complains to our business that it is important that their complaint is fully investigated and handled fairly on an individual basis, with a view to prompt resolution where possible. As an example of this commitment the majority of complaints that we receive are thoroughly investigated on an individual basis and resolved by close of business the following day. We are always reviewing our complaints handling processes to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers. If you have any comments relating to our complaints handling processes, or wish to make a complaint please call us on 0800 3285170.

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  • Firm name: Affinion International Limited
  • Other firms included (if any): None
  • Period covered: 1st January 2016 – 30th June 2016

Brands/ trading names covered: Affinion International Limited, Advantage Gold Membership Services, Advantage Premier Membership Services, Barclaycard Card Protection, Barclaycard Mobile Phone Insurance, Barclaycard Price Protection, Buyer’s Advantage, Halifax Card Protection, ID Fraud Guard, Intelligent Finance Card Protection, Lloyds TSB Membership Services, My Essentials, My Stuff, Norwich Union Card Protection , PCProtectionPlus, Privacy Guard, Royalties Membership Services, Safe & Secure, Safe & Secure Plus, Safe2Go, Sentinel, Sentinel Card Protection, Sentinel Lock & Key, Sentinel Prepaid, Sentinel® Gold, Shoppers Advantage, U First Gold Membership Services.

No. of complaints openedNo. of complaints closedComplaints closed within eight weeks (%)Complaints upheld by firm (%)
General insurance and pure protection6262100%38.70%
Credit-related3434Not applicable20.58%


To put the above figures into context:

  • Our 96 complaints represent 0.003% of our Customer base, or 0.33 complaints per 10,000 customers.
  • In the past 6 months complaints represent 0.06% of the total customer contacts that we have handled.